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911 Health is a new comprehensive, one-stop healthcare company. It builds on lessons we learned in running 911 COVID Testing®. We are providing a one-stop resource for patients, and we’re giving them access to comprehensive services, including provider exams, lab services and images. 

We have a centralized command center that ensures patients get all the services they need, rather than making them navigate the system and risk not get timely care. In other words, we tie together every loose end in today’s disjointed healthcare experience.

Actually 911 COVID Testing is part of 911 Health. Our COVID division continues to offer specialized testing at drive-through venues. As the need for readily accessible COVID testing continues to decline as the pandemic ends, we are shuttering our final 911 COVID Testing sites and those services will roll into 911 Labs®.

911 Labs offers a full complement of diagnostic testing, while 911 COVID Testing, as you’d imagine, focused solely on COVID Testing. Our designated laboratory facility for 911 Labs means we have full control from collecting to processing samples, which means we can deliver results faster. 911 Labs serves 911 Health patients, as well as physician practices and other provider networks that want a trusted lab processing partner.

You can request service directly through our website or by calling us at 888-878-9111. Our trained dispatchers at our joint operation communications center (JOCC) will quickly triage your needs and provide the information and options to help you make an informed decision.

Our providers will come to you, whether that’s your home or office – often on the same day. We will offer provider visits for adults and children. If that exam indicates you need lab work or imaging, we will contact our internal communications center and deploy another member of our mobile fleet to come provide that service. We will carry many commonly prescribed medications, and our team will arrange prompt delivery if you need a different prescription.

We care for patients within a 20-mile radius of our Santa Monica headquarters.

We believe the best healthcare happens where you are most comfortable. We know that some patients will always prefer to come to a medical office, which is why we are building an Urgent Care Center at our Santa Monica headquarters. We aim to have that facility open later this summer.

Our commitment is to serve you – and your loved ones, which often includes pets.

We’re already offering house calls for basic care, such as vaccinations and checkups for dogs and cats. We are upfitting two fleet vehicles to serve as hospitals-on-wheels, where we can handle surgeries and dental appointments close to those pets’ homes. Our mobile fleet will serve patients within a 20-mile radius of our headquarters.

911 Med Health, 911 Labs and 911 Imaging will accept insurance. Routine co-pays will apply.

911 Vet Med will require direct payment, but pet owners can apply for reimbursement from their pet health insurers, if they have that coverage.

911 Educators® offers continuing education including CPR, BLS and ACLS. 911 Events® provides on-site medics for events. We offer occupational health services, such as fitness tests, drug screening and background checks. We also offer mobile 911 Notary® services. 911 Live Scan® will launch later this year.

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